Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Bone marrow biopsy result

I had an email from my haematologist last night with some results from the bone marrow biopsy. While he is still undertaking immuno-histochemical tests on it, he has stated that "if there is involvement, however, it is minimal and the marrow function is well preserved. All it means is that I may have to follow you up more frequently if the tests are positive."

So that's good news, I suppose and it does mean that we will be able to take a few days off in August after all. We have decided to take the Eurostar for the first time, which will be interesting, and a friend and colleague who lives in Paris has offered to take us to dinner while we are there, which will be great. Looks like a half decent hotel too, which will be a first for Paris. Never had much luck with them in the past - definitely a city where you just have to bite the bullet and put your hand in your pocket if you want to avoid a sweltering box room on busy main road...

Saw my GP today, just to update him, and ask about a secondary symptom that I have - a swollen leg. The thigh, 20cm above the knee is 5cm larger in diameter than the left one. This is due to the fact that the lymph system is knackered, especially in the region where I had the surgery a couple of months ago. A quick bit of research on the web this evening also says that is incurable too, so I'm not having much luck at the moment. My GP is to write to the surgeon on my behalf to see if there's anything that can be done, but it's not looking hopeful on that score. Oh well, there's always the bottle to turn to in times of crisis...

Have worked out that alcohol makes my condition worse. I read recently that, in some people with lymphoma, alcohol can make the lymph nodes and glands painful. This has been the case with me, so it looks like I will have to be even more moderate than I have been in the past :-) Another crutch removed... going to save a fortune!


  1. I suppose "better than it might have been"?

    Funny I've always been lucky in Paris – that or I've not noticed the hotel, been too bowled over with the city. First went in-between chemotherapy sessions, first time I had cancer.

    Bugger about your thighs – mind you I doubt you ever looked good in stockings :-)

  2. Well... good news and bad(-ish) news! Let's hope that the final tests come out ok - it's promising so far. Fingers are crossed
    Sorry about the thigh tho' - will we be seeing a lop-sided Andy in Malta?
    You'll need to do some serious experimenting to see which tincture affects you least! There's lot of malts to choose from!

  3. Lymphedema is tough

    Elevate and stockings, maybe a diuretic...

    Have fun in gay Pare-eee