Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Bone marrow

Been a good week this week.

Edward has graduated from Liverpool, and we went to the award ceremony at the Philharmonic yesterday. See the photo on the right. That's Ed with his girlfriend Nicki. He gave me a bottle of Laphroaig as a Father's Day present afterwards, which is very generous and for which I am grateful.

I have heard from my man's P.A. and definitely have an appointment to see him on 14th to discuss the results of the PET scan. I don't know what they are yet, until I see him, but I anticipate that we are in stage 3.

He also wants to do a bone marrow biopsy, apparently, so that will no doubt entail some more prodding and needling... Just leave yourself in their capable hands and do as you are told...

I am going to ask about whether there is anything I should be doing diet-wise, or other-lifestyle-wise. Stop drinking Laphroaig would be a good start, I suspect. :-)

Turns out I sent the wrong negative to the printer in the US who is doing my gift print from the Leica Forum guys. Doh! Have found the correct negative, and will AirMAil it out to him tomorrow.

Also, had an email from the guy that makes the replacement mounts for the Leica lenses so that they fit onto Nikon cameras. He will take 3 days to get them out to me. Not a problem, and encouraging that he felt the need to email me to let me know. Should have them early next week, I suppose. 14th probably.

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