Tuesday, 11 August 2009

10 places to visit - one per year?

In no particular order

1. Drive across the Milau Bridge on a misty morning
2. Walk to Cape Wrath
3. Visit Cape Cod
4. Take the train to Venice
5. Go back to see my Great Grandfather on the Somme
6. Explore the West Coast of Ireland properly
7. See the Northern Lights - Norway?
8. Visit Copenhagen
9. Revisit Berlin
10. Spend a week in a small hotel on the Gironde at harvest time.

I would really like to go into the high Himalayas and see the prayer flags surrounded by mountains. Not very achievable though.


  1. Andy - why on earth is it not achievable to go to the Himalayas to see the prayer flags & mountains? It's a long range and there are many readily (if fairly costly) accessible parts where you could achieve your wish. It's not only Nepal, but Bhutan and the very western part of China where such sights exist.

  2. Why? Because I don't have the time, nor the money to go there. Need to be realistic about these things!