Sunday, 30 August 2009

Time for an update, I think

Still waiting...

The haematologist has now received the imaging and slides from the first hospital, so that he is in possession of all the information available on my condition. After he has discussed same with his radiotherapy colleagues, he may be advising that I have the radiation treatment to the enlarged node in the groin. This might relieve the swelling in the leg. On the other hand, it might not.

He won't be able to discuss this information with his coleagues until 1st or 2nd September at the earliest - hence the wait. And the frustration. While I should be able to go to work whilst undergoing this treatment, I didn't get the impression that skipping a couple of sessions was the way to do it.

Now, there are two things, outside this problem, but affected by it, coming up in the next couple of months which are adding to this sense of frustration.

Firstly, and less importantly, I have been invited to a meeting on the continent in a couple of week's time. I would really like to be able to go, but it will require an overnight stop, so I would be out of the UK for two days. The reason why this may be an issue will become obvious in a short while.

Secondly, and much more importantly, we go to Malta and Umbria for 10 days in October on honeymoon. It's our 25th wedding anniversary, but since our original honeymoon was only 3 nights in a B&B in Dorset, this will have to be a very late proper one. I am not going to miss it.

So, if the treatment last 4 weeks, there is a "window" in September when this could be done. It will mean not being able to go to the meeting, but it will be over and done a couple of weeks before the Malta trip. If it has to be done sooner rather than after we come back from Malta, I want it done now. I don't want to be in the position where I finish this therapy on a Friday and go away the following week.

Hence the frustration - I can't keep nagging this guy.

The leg is the main issue that I have at the moment. It's still much larger than the left leg, and aches in a quiet way most of the time. The swelling in the groin is also aching, and while it's not affecting my movement too much at the moment, I do think that if the treatment works that would be a benefit. I suspect that my mountain walking days are numbered...

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