Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Back on an even keel now

Finally slept OK on Sunday night, but felt like I had jetlag on Monday. Since I had a box of paperwork with me, I decided to work from home.

Had a very nice lunch at Il Forno with Ed, then promptly fell asleep when I got home. I must have needed it. I just hope that things don't progress along these lines for the rest if the Spring, as it ends up taking out one week in three if you're not careful. But, as my HR Manager reminded me yesterday, I need to look after Number One this year

So, that's why I got up at 05:15 this morning to get a train to London to meet with British Telecom to tell them how crap their support services are :-) When I get back to NW, we are showing a judging panel around one of my projects, as it's on the shortlist for an award. Fingers crossed...

She did tell me to take as much time off as I need over the coming months, though, so I think I will take her up on that offer.

Other news? I was lucky enough to gave two shots chosen for the Leica Forum Book. The one I thought would get in didn't, and one I was less sure of did. Happy with that of course. Now we are collecting all of the high res copies of the shots and then can put the book together. Going to be a big job

No news from my new friend who wanted to use my photograph for nothing, unsurprisingly.

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