Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Update while waiting for my brake fluid to be changed

I am sitting in my car dealer with an hour to kill, so it's time for an update

Since last time, I have had another CT scan and am now waiting for the result to come through. I see the haematologist next Tuesday, so we will know then what's in store. I am not looking forward to it, to be honest, but I do need to know. It's like having your life permanently on hold, waiting for the next thing to happen. Planning is very difficult, not knowing what you will need to do and having the condition always there, like the dead child in the "don't speed advert" on the TV is just something you have to live with. My guess is that it's 50:50 re treatment next week.

On a more positive note, I booked the flights for Venice in October last week, andnow need to find a hotel. The San Cassiano, where we stayed two years ago, isn't taking bookings for Oct yet, but I'd like to have somewhere booked and be able to look forward to it. Also looking at maybe a cottage on Islay in the fist two weeks of September, which will be beyond any treatment that I might or might not need to have.

Had an interesting day on Saturday at the gathering in Trafalgar Square to protest about S44. I think a point was made, but know thst it won't make any difference at all. Such is life.

More next week when I've seen my man.

Oh, yes, the Leica Forum Book entries close on Sunday. The total raised so far is now well over £6,000, which is a fantastic sum. Must post a reminder to everyone to get their shots in before Sunday night.

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