Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Belated Happy New Year!

New Year long gone now, of course, as was our week in Scotland.

Unfortunately, with the weather we have been having all over the country, the week there wasn't quite what we were anticipating. Indeed, it weas actually only a day there, and even then, we couldn't get off the A-roads. BMWs really are rubbish when it comes to driving on compacted snow and ice. So, we returned on the Wednesday instead of the Saturday, taking advantage of a break in the snowy weather. Took no photographs to speak of. However, we had a very nice stay in The George in Inveraray. Excellent food to be had there along with very comfortable rooms.

My Dad has had to have his shoulder joint replaced, but is back out of hospital now, and seems to be on the mend, which is excellent news.

The Leica book has now raised about £5,400 so far. The date for submissions closes at the end of January, so it will be interesting to get on with the judging next month. There are around 400 shots to assess, so far, so that won't be a 5 minute task.

And, yes, I am Mr April for Telegraph readers this year. Still waiting to hear about the prize though...

Now, I just have the CT scan tomorrow morning and the aftermath of that to look forward to.

More later...

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