Friday, 9 April 2010

Almost back to a "Week 3" again

More of the same really, this time round. Basically, you have one rough week, one not-so-rough week, then a "normal" week, then you start over again. And it's surprising how quickly the Week 3's come round.

Despite the weather over the Easter weekend last week, we had a very nice day out in North Yorkshire on Sunday. The photograph of Swaledale was taken then. It's a great part of the country and very quiet in comparison with many other places, especially the Lakes. Until you get to Tan Hill Inn, that is. Last weekend, it was full of bikers on old bikes and we didn't get to go in. Never mind - always next time.

Off to the Grand National tomorrow. I tried to go last year, but hadn't bought a ticket in advance. The queue to buy a ticket on the day was about half a mile long and six people wide, so I turned round and came home again. This year, better prepared, we have bought tickets already. Having been to a corporate box on Ladies' Day (the Friday) before, going to the cheap seats in the middle of the course will a completely different experience. Going to take just the M7 and probably the 50mm and keep it simple.

So, next stop, back to being plumbed in again on Wednesday, followed by another CT scan on the following Wednesday, which will tell me whether I will need the 6 or 8 doses. We'll see.


  1. Andy - looked at your photos before but not your blog until today. I'm not familiar with NHL - but am with chemo. Finished my own course about a year ago...following surgery for bowel cancer. I was lucky to be treated at the Alex - tho all the consultants were also consulting at Christies. It felt like a raft of people were trying their best to poison me every 3 weeks.....tho in reality my regime meant I had it easy compared to others ... especially women undergoing chemo for breast cancer who seemed to have a far worse time than I ever did. A year on I've still got "frozen feet" and "tingling hands", and sensitive skin (although my better half thinks I'm just a bit of a wuss for the last one).....but none of it is of consequence ..... I'm alive - still able to work, see my grown up kids (though they still seem v. expensive) and still see the mighty Blades languish in the championship. Very very best wishes. DLTBGYD.

  2. Thanks Bill. I'm not at the Alex or Christies, but the regime is the same wherever you are, and I'd rather be in the hands of medical staff who do this sort of thing every day of the week, rather than occasionally.

    The staff at the Countess of Chester have been absolutely first class, in my experience.