Wednesday, 14 April 2010

News from the electric chair

Currently plumbed into the Cyclophosphamide with its large yellow "cytotoxic" label on the bottom of the bag. So long as it's toxifying what it's supposed to, I'm happy. The treatment is getting faster each time and I should be fully basted by 2 o'clock.

My blood counts are holding up and my liver and kidney functions are normal. Amazing :-)

I'm back in MY chair today and things on the ward are much quieter. Party-girl from last time isn't here and half the chairs are empty, which is unusual in my experience.

Appointment made to see the haematologist again in 3 weeks time, after the scan which will tell us how things are progressing. Still expecting 8 sessions so if it's only 6 that will be a bonus.

Will post my experiences at The National tomorrow.

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