Tuesday, 20 April 2010

CT scan tomorrow. Very tired today.

Doesn't get any easier. The second week of the three (if you count the treatment week as week one) is the worst. The crutch of the Prednisolone is no longer there, so the tiredness induced by the treatment is all that you have left. Not sleeping very well last night hasn't helped. Next week will be better.

My CT scan is first thing in the morning, so it will be good to get that done and then see what the results are in two week's time. Not expecting any miracles, though, but at least I will know where I stand shortly.

On a lighter note, my canvas arrived from Germany yesterday and it looks great hung on the newly decorated wall in the bedroom , even if I do say so myself. The Hadrian's Wall print has gone on the landing and also looks great. I will definitely buy more prints from them in the future.

I think I might get an early dart today and see if I can't grab an hour or so at the end of the afternoon...

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