Saturday, 6 June 2009

Getting a haematologist

OK. Friday. End of the week after seeing the surgeon again. No sign of the haematologist writing to me or calling me for an appointment.

I rang up the hospital, asking to speak with the guy’s secretary. When I get through, I find that he only works there one day a month, and he won’t be available until the end of June and then again in August. That’s 3 weeks away! What the hell is going on? I could be dead by then...

This is Private Healthcare we are talking about here. Not the NHS – who have targets and requirements to see people within strict times of being referred. This stuff costs me money in insurance premiums every month.

I call the G.P. again, and am told that if I come to the afternoon surgery towards the end of the session, I can see a doctor at the end of the list.

I am fortunate that the doctor on duty was the Senior Partner, and he was excellent. I explained what the situation was (he had most of my notes from the hospital there already) and I explained that I didn’t think that it was good enough to expect people to wait 3 weeks to see a specialist. He agreed, and did some ringing round. I am now off to see a haematologist next Wednesday or Thursday at a different hospital.

I need that advice.

All I have at present is a pathology report which reads like a death sentence. I need someone to tell me what is going to happen to me. What I need to do. What my chances are.

I want some answers and I want some honesty.

I am disappointed with the level of service in this regard from Bupa.

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