Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Is the radiation dangerous?

(Advice given by the hospital for people having a PET scan)

"The amount of radiation you receive is small. It is similar to that from an X-Ray examination. However, please avoid prolonged close contact with children and pregnant ladies for the rest of the day on which you have your scan. This is to avoid exposing this group of people to an unnecessary radiation dose."

Now, I did A-Level physics, and played around with radioactive lumps and Geiger counters and all that stuff. If the radiation is strong enough to be even a mild hazard to children and “pregnant ladies” (as opposed to pregnant men? :-) ), that must be pretty strong stuff. Just wish I had access to a counter now…

Anyway, what the heck.

Difficult to concentrate when you know this sort of thing is coming up later in the day, but, back to my Appointment Documents for my design teams...


  1. Hmmm.. I presume you'll emerge from the scan with a nice blue glow, then? :-))

  2. Quick! Grab a flourescent tube! You'll be able to light the kitchen tonight for free! :0D


  3. Just processed a couple of films, and it did occur to me that putting my arms in the bag with two unprocessed rolls might give some interesting results :-)

  4. "The amount of radiation you receive is small. It is..."

    All a bit fluffy that. So fluffy that it could have been an annoncement by Gordon Bennett

    Sure makes you wonder though who a) writes this, b) checks it (if anyone) and c) finally issues it [rolls his (X-ray) eyes]

    Anyway, forget Kodachrome, X-ray photography, that's where it's at ;-)

    Gotta go and watch PMQ's now to cheer myself up. And also "The Secret Life of the Airport", which is really rather good.

    Tweet, tweet.