Saturday, 6 June 2009


So, having had the operation to remove my lymph gland on the Wednesday, I took the rest of the week off work, together with the second Bank Holiday of the month, returning on the Tuesday.

I was fine at the office, and had a very useful chat with one of my Directors who had been through a similar experience a few years ago. Some people in the office knew what was happening to me, others didn’t.

By the Thursday morning, (28th May), I had noticed that the wound area had swollen more than it had been previously, and half way to work, I turned the car round and returned home. I was pretty uncomfortable, and by lunchtime had begun to get a temperature.

I phoned the hospital in the morning and asked whether I could see someone that afternoon. They said just turn up to the day case ward and the resident doctor would be able to take a look at me. This we did on my wife’s return from work at about 3pm.

By this time, my temperature was 39.1 deg C, and I was feeling pretty rough. They decided to admit me, and place me on IV antibiotics, to deal with the infection that had developed. I remained in hospital until the Sunday, when I was allowed home with a continuing course of oral anti biotics. I was advised to take the week off, in order to help get rid of the infection and rest.

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