Sunday, 28 June 2009

Photography weekend

Have had a photography based weekend.

Saturday morning, met a few of the guys at Tatton Park. Over a cup or three of green tea (only started drinking that in the last 6 weeks, funnily enough...) we discussed the various merits of different camera options open to someone with a generous wife. Like mine. :) Vasken offered to show me his wife's Nikon D700 during the week, so I need to arrange to meet with him when I am back in the office tomorrow afternoon.

Part of the reason for going to Tatton was that they were having a "1940s Themed Weekend" - an excuse for people to dress up, predominantly as either GIs (presumably because they got all the girls) or as German Stormtroopers. The only "British" people there were an ARP warden, a member of the Home Guard, and a 17 year old "officer" straight out of central casting. Think of "Darling" in " Blackadder Goes Forth" and you get the idea.

Anyway, it was good fun for a couple of hours, and the photos are on the website.

Today, I have finally got round to finding the negative to send off to the printer in the US, following the very generous and thoughtful offer by lots of friends on the Leica Forum. Still can't quite get over how generous these people are. I have decided to use the image that I have used at the top of this blog - not only is it one of my favourites, but also it is going to be my "Image of Hope". (I have just made that phrase up, by the way, it's not part of a 10 point plan to wellness, or anything :-) ). I will send off the negative, and on a CD, my interpretation of how it should look. I will ask to printer to get something like that out of the negative. I am sure he will do a cracking job. (I hope that the negative is in good condition, having said that!)

Here's a link to a much larger version, if you're interested (Click on the image below, and it will show a larger version)

I very much look forward to seeing the result.

Discussed with Ann this morning about maybe getting a few days in Bordeaux sometime this year. September would be ideal, but could be tricky with her off-duty. Get there just as the harvest is happening - warm sun, ripe grapes. Will have to see - those AirMiles are now burning a hole in my pocket...

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