Sunday, 27 September 2009

Better do an update...

Well, it's been a fortnight since my last confession, and things are pretty much as they were.

My right leg swells during the day, and I am looking for some socks that have the wide, soft elastic at the top, to prevent the sock-top cutting into my calf, but apart from that, I am OK. Trying to stay positive :-)

Looking forwards to going on holiday, though...

Had a "Bupa Wellness" medical on Friday, which was interesting. That was the third one I have had in 4 years and, as before, I am fine apart from my blood pressure and cholesterol are too high. So maybe my heart will get me before anything else does. Probably not. The really interesting part is that all the blood tests show that I have the liver and blood of a tea-totaller. How does that happen? No, I don't know either.

Need to get our act together with regards to film, clothes etc for the trip. I am absolutely NOT going to be buying any over there, what with the Euro heading for parity with the pound again. It's pretty criminal really - last year we were getting around €1.25 to the pound and a few years ago, it was €1.50. Makes a trip to Eurozone 1/3 more expensive than before. Maybe we need to consider having the One Challenge in Britain again next year - it might be better for everyone!

We will see - I suspect that Venice will be chosen, as many people have already expressed an interest.

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