Monday, 14 September 2009

Now we are making some progress...

Had an extremely useful meeting with the guy this morning. Turns out he is a Consultant Clinical Oncologist, not a radiologist, but he seems to know what he's talking about.

We now have a plan...

He advises that only 2 1/2 weeks of treatment every day will be sufficient - they no longer do 4 weeks, as there is no benefit from the additional days' treatment, and the minimal amount of radiation that you have, the better. Lymphoma also responds well to very low doses of radiation too, which means that the side-effects are also minimised. So, maybe I will get away without the diarrhoea and cistisis (!), but only have the sunburned skin and tiredness. Time will tell, but it doesn't really matter.

Have arranged to have the treatment when we return from Italy, as there is really too short a time between now and us going away. I will need a further CT scan about 2 weeks before the treatment, so that they can establish exactly where the node is, and where to direct the radiation. They will tattoo the area, so that the point of treatment is consistent everyday. If they do this too early, then the disease may have developed in the meantime and then treatment might not be given to the correct place.

So, it's another CT scan on 9th October, treatment starting 26th October, running through to 11th November. It means that I might be limping around a bit when in Malta and Italy, but at least I won't be knackered and with the runs :-)

I'm happy with that, and in a more positive mood now that "something is being done".

Had a great walk up to Nine Standards yesterday - it's a bit tiring walking for 4 hours with the equivalent of about 6 pints of water strapped to your leg, but the views were worth it. This week's photo shows the Standards in all their glory - a place well worth a visit.

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