Sunday, 20 December 2009

And so, this is Christmas (nearly)

Another Sunday, another update.

Saw my haematologist on Monday this week, and he was pleased with the way that the radiology has worked. So that's a good sign, because so am I.

He wants to do another CT scan in January, as I haven't had one since first being diagnosed in May. This will, of course, let him see what progression, if any, the cancer has made in the meantime. Depending upon what the results show (they will be available in February), he will decide what's next for me.

We discussed options with regards to chemotherapy, and he's minded to use R-CVP if anything. This is less toxic than RCHOP, which has been the standard treatment for some time, and means that the RCHOP can held "held back for later". Any of these treatments are one shot affairs, once you have had RCHOP, you can't have it again. The R-CVP is also less likely to make you lose your hair, too, not that that is of great concern ;-)

The Telegraph Charity Calendar is now on sale -

I think that I am Mr April, but will have to wait and see.

Finally for now, the Leica Forum Charity Book has so far raised £3,360, which is an excellent result, with more to come, hopefully. If you're interested, you can check on progress here:

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