Monday, 28 December 2009

Christmas has been and gone

as it usually does.

This year, it left my Dad in hospital with a dislocated shoulder and a triple fracture of the humerous. Going down to see him tomorrow, provided the weather keeps off. This has been the worst December for weather that I can remember for a long time - the snow is hanging around in some parts too (couldn't get off the drive on Christmas Eve for the iced up road. Torville and Dean went past...)

Off to Scotland next week for a few days. We have booked into the Mal at Leith and then on to Inverary. Haven't been up there this year, due to "unforeseen circumstances", and it will be good to see the place in the winter.

Yesterday, we took a day out to The Lakes. The weather was glorious on the M6, but by the time we got to Keswick, the cloud had descended and it was all a bit grey. Found out that the Dog and Gun on the High Street is very dog friendly though, so we had a lunch in there.

Looking forward to another CT scan in January (13th), followed by a visit to the haematologist on 2nd February. There was an interesting piece about a woman in Scotland with NHL, who has been "cured" through the use of mistletoe. Sounds like complete BS to me, but worth investigating further.

And that's it for this year - in a place I wasn't expecting to be this time last year, that's for sure.

And, I might have to think about changing the title of the blog... this is a long running saga.

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  1. I wish you a much better 2010, Andy.