Friday, 11 December 2009

Good news

One of my shots has been chosen to be included within the Daily Telegraph Charity Calendar for 2010. As part of the deal, I get to spend some time in a workshop with a pro photographer, and get a tour round the Daily Telegraph's news room. Both of which should be interesting :-)

Talking of charities, the Leica Forum Book is starting to develop some good contributions, and as of now, we are up to £2,225 in donations, with 3 weeks to go before closing time. Plus, the £5 mark ups on each book sold. This is a very satisfying project, and I am looking forward to seeing the photo entries when the time comes.

Rebecca's home this weekend, so we can do a bit of shopping in Liverpool tomorrow. It's a shame she has to go back for a few days to finish term, but she'll be home for Christmas next weekend, I expect.

So, three bits of good news for the price of one :-)

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  1. That's an oustanding photograph, Andy. Very well done.