Thursday, 6 May 2010

8 sessions it is then...

As I thought, having discussed things with my haematologist yesterday, I am in the chair for eight sessions. This means that I now have three more to go and will be finished at the beginning of July.

Some good news is that he will be putting me on maintenance Rituximab. This has been proven to extend the remission period by up to 32 months (not 31 or 33..) over and above the typical 4 or 5 years that this course of treatment should give me. That means that with a bit of luck it could be 7 1/2 years before I need the nasty stuff. So, that IS good.

I forgot to take the anti-sickness pill last night and I can confirm that they work. Woke up feeling a bit nauseous this morning, but back to the usual space-cadet hyper state now until Monday.

The other news is that I bought a Hasselblad last week. I really wish I'd bought one years ago. I really feel at home with it, and working with the larger negatives is a real eye-opener. Using a slow film like Pan F, with a fine grain developer like FX39, the photographs are amazing. I will put some on my website soon, and there's a link to one as this week's "Photo".

On Saturday I am going to the Lymphoma Organisation annual conference at Reading University and will be coming back on Sunday. I will take the cameras with me and see what I can find on the way home. And, I'm really looking forward to taking it to Skye come September.

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