Saturday, 15 May 2010

Having fun with the Hasselblad

It's like having your eyes opened after along sleep. I am really enjoying using this camera and amazed at the results that I am getting. The Picture of the Week was taken on the way back from Stratford on Avon on Wednesday and is fantastic when viewed at a large size. (even if I do say so myself!)

I have also found a shop in Manchester that will process 120 colour negative roll film in an hour, so I might experiment with some after all. I want to get used to some different films before going to Skye in September, so will buy some slide film too. Can't wait!

Finally, we are nearly there with the Leica User Forum Charity Book. We have bought two copies of the final draft, in hardback, so that we can properly see what people will be getting and can adjust if necessary. The next thing is then to organise launch parties in London, Manchester, Germany and hopefully in the US, probably New York. Much depends upon if we can get someone over there to help, but we are working on that.

It should be a really good evening if we can get it right. We are probably talking about mid July, but it all depends on getting the right venue. Organising drinks and a DVD of the shots is the easy part.

Watch this space!


  1. Andy,

    I have been missing what has been going on with the LUF book but I found the note on your personal blog. I would like to held with a rolling out of the book in the USA but due to my work and location I wuld like to siggest Wahington, D.C. I like just outside of the city and could work a venue, etc. I have managed to connect to more than one arts group since moving here about four years ago and that could help. I have friends both inside and outside the government who could facilitate a kick off including one highly place government official who is an old fried and has a blurb book of hisown. Let me know if a better USA opportunity has shoed up and I will back off. My email address is: Look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Thanks for the offer of assistance Don.

    As you will see from my post above, it's actually proving very difficult to organise the event over here, both from a cost and venue point of view, so it may just get put into the "too hard" box.

    So far, no one on the organising "committee", apart from Steve Unsworth, Bill Palmer and me have come up with much. Brian Parkes has tried a couple of galleries, but got no response, and others we have found have proven way too expensive.

    We have a couple of other options left for London, but all I can say is "watch that space"!

    Thanks again.