Sunday, 9 May 2010

At the Lymphoma Association AGM

Had a very interesting day at the Lymphoma Association in Reading, yesterday. Learned some things about new treatments coming through that I may ge able to benefit from at sometime in the future, including stem cell treatment from siblings. So long as it doesnt turn you into an Arsenal or Spurs fan, I'm up for it :-)

Had a very nice meal in Maidenhead last night with Mum & Dad, Kevin & Jan. It was Kevin's 40th Birthday yesterday and I hadn't seen him for ages. Noisy place though, right on Maidenhead bridge, next to where the rowing club used to be. Kept thinking of Ted Harris climbing out of one R.C. window and into another, over the river water, one evening for a dare...

Been in London today and visited the National Portrait Gallery to see an Irving Penn exhibition. Very good it was too. Pity the weather's been so dull. I would have wandered about taking some shots, but nothing very inspirational to be had under such grey skies.

Now knackered and on the train home. The post-P syndrome is really going to hit tomorrow, I can feel it. I think I'll have to go for the Piriton, Nytol and G&T solution ;-)

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